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Energy Saving & Energy Efficiency Improvement.

QAHE TM coating is a revolutionary solution for energy saving. Apart from being easy to implement, proven safe and requires no maintenance, it is also the easiest and fastest fix to reducing energy cost.

QAHE TM coating generate a EVA Field (Electron Vibration Aligment) resulting in the realigment of electron spin to create a more efficient flow of electrical current, thereby minimizing energy loss.

The EVA field created by QAHE TM coating aligns the vibration and movement of electrons in all matter so that their physical properties are fundamentally enchanced.


Industrial factories, Hotel Commercial Building, Shopping Malls, Hospitals


Convenience Stores, Restaurants, Clinics, Shoplots, Officem Residential, Foodcourt


Quantum Teory

Based on the theoretical principles of the Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect discovered by Edwin Hall in 1881

What You Get ?

Recovery of Electronical Losses

through QAHE's ability to influence and align election spin, QAHE can reduces electronical line losses (Cable Loss / Transmission Loss)

Reduction in Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) Leakages

through QAHE's ability to suppress EMI leakages at contact and termination points, QAHE reduces losses at panel and breaker locations.

Power Quality Improvements

through QAHE's ability to harmonize and stabilize power, QAHE improves power quality in all electrical distribution system, thus reducing energy losses

Increase in Equipmen Efficiency

through QAHE's ability to improve process improvement and production efficiency. Consumers will enjoy combined advantes of both Production Gain and Energy Gain


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